Raysun X-1 Multi-functional Stun Gun

  1. The most advanced, effective and safest weapons on the world:

The law enforcement professionals can disable, mark, stop and bring down the target as offense or defense with more options, the police don’t need to buy stun gun, SOS signal flare gun, pepper gun or rubber gun that add up  much more expense, now our stun gun can meet all of your purpose by holding only one piece at hand. .


  1. Unique DC technology

Our DC technology differs from other traditional AC type, here are the benefits of DC:

(1). DC is much safer according to IEC479-1 ( on request).

(2). DC is only working on outer layer of skin that is free from risk of heart attack, while AC pulse is penetrating into bodily issue which is the main reason to result in heart disease and cause death according to  hundreds of record.

(3) . The impact area of DC in skin is filled with plenty of painful cells that can optimize the torture effect than AC.

(4). DC has powerful performance than AC under the same circumstance.  


  1. Multifunctional cartridge design:

Probe: (yellow )

The cartridge can deploy two probes through the electric wires to paralyze a target to stop the attacker or subdue a unruly guy at a distance up to 3.5m/6m.

Pepper powder cartridge: (pink)

It can release a cloud of irritating pepper powder to cause the target coughing, choking and fail to open eyes. The range of pepper powder cartridge is 3-5m, the coverage width of pepper powder grenade could be up to 10m in diameter. The type of powder we use is heavier than air, so the effect can last for longer than average one on the market.

Pepper bullet: (red)

The function is the same as pepper powder cartridge, while the range is 12-15m.

Rubber bullet: (black)

To give unbearable pain on the target. The rocket shape of rubber projectile aims to increase the higher shooting accuracy. The effective range is 12-15m, ideal for anti riot purpose

SOS signal bullet: (white)

Eject to 100m to make SOS signal flare on crucial emergency.

Paint bullet: (green)


To give apparent mark on the target.

With unwashable dye, the paint is not easy to be washed off. The effective range is 12-15m

Stun cartridge: (blue)

Create huge blasting sound in 60m away when explodes. The bang effect will cause intimidation to drive people away. The audio sound exceeds 150db when measured in 2m away from the explosion.

It works like stun grenade, while ours is safer.

Extension stick

To extend the working range up to 38cm.


  1. Much more powerful when compared with other brands :

    Our brand has bigger power when compared to Taser, the electric arc of Taser is very slim and weak. When we want to test X-1 and Phazzer, we trigger both devices together and get the result shown as photo, our brand is much powerful and get sparkling electricity on the target board, while Phazzer only get weak and scanty power. Therefore, high voltage value is a misleading way to infer the real power effect.   


   5. High impact carbon fiber housing

       The robust housing ensue the extreme durability to withstand the 1.5m drop, when we touch other brands, the plastic body has a looking like a toy.  


       6. With detachable body design

       All other brands can’t be disassembled for security check, which makes the repairing work not available, so the only option is to throw your stun gun away after defective, which really wastes your money. We know you want to save your every penny; therefore, to repair and reuse your stun gun is available due to the detachable design. We make your deal more economical.


   7. With a crackling sound.

       The scaring sound can intimidate the attacker on triggering the device, the drive stun audible alarm is up to 120dB /5cm away from gun muzzle.


   8. With alerting buzzer

       Once initiate the device, the buzzer will be on alert at the same time so that the user can identify it’s entering into a stand-by mode to avoid triggering the device unexpectedly.


       9. Integrated 3-lighting mode of LED light:

      With strong, weak and strobe mode as interchange for illumination and targeting, the strobe mode is ideal to drive target dizziness and stop the attacking. .


 10. Support recording

       If attach an camcorder, the user can do the recording during the operation to support why he uses the stun gun at that time.