Raysun Bola Launcher

  • An effective remote restraint device allows to entangle the target within 1/2 second at a range of 10m.
  • The patented high-tensile Kevlar tether with barbed-foot is helpful to make an accurate shot while tangle-free on the cord, which makes reuse easier.
  • No pain and bodily harm is caused on impact, ideal for subduing unruly target.
  • Easy to use, only simple training is required.
  • Use 8g N2O gas bottle, no ammunition is used.
  • Compact, light and portable, suitable for crucial urgent use with its quick -release belt clip design.


Material: Aluminum alloy
Bola tether: About 10g
Tether quantity: 2 pcs
Effective range: About 10 meter
Best range: 3.5 meter
Tether length: About 2 meter
Discharge pressure: 3.0Mpa
Propellent: 8g N2O, CO2 gas bottle
Discharge speed: 30m/sec
Weight: <335g
Dimension: 48x180mm

Standard package:

( 1 ) Main unit
( 2 ) Bola tether
( 3 ) N2O bottle
( 4 ) Gas bottle cartridge
( 5 ) Belt clip
( 6 ) Copper piece

WARNING: This device should only be used in accordance with local laws and regulations. We are not responsible for any misuse of our products and take no responsibility for injuries as a result of improper handling or abuse. We also reserve the right to vary, modify or improve on any specification and/or design at will without any prior notice in accordance with our company’s commitment to quality control and excellence.