Application of the mask 

The CM-6M protective mask together with a suitable filter or breathing apparatus protects user’s face, eyes and breathing organs against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents in form of gases, vapours and solid or liquid aerosols. 

The mask was especially designed for protection of riot control units but is also ideal for protection of rescue teams, fire-fighters and for civil defence and industrial applications. 

The mask fully meets requirements of the EN 136 (Class III) and EN 148-1 standards. 

The CM-6M protective mask is manufactured in one universal size. The construction of the sealing edge ensures perfect tightness to all face shapes and sizes of the adult population, except for extremely small faces. 

Material of the facepiece enables to use the mask for long periods of time in any weather conditions. 
The inhalation chambers for filter connection are fitted with the thread Rd 40x1/7” in accordance with EN 148-1 standard (NATO standard). 

Technical specifications 
Average Weight 560 g
color black
Number of sizes 1
Effective field of vision 77%
Binocular field of vision 84%
Filter connection thread Rd 40x1/7''
Resistance against penetration of NBC agents >24 hr
Breathing resistance:  
 - inhalation resistance at 30 l/min max 30 Pa
 - inhalation resistance at 95 l/min max 100 Pa
 - exhalation resistance at 30 l/min max 60 Pa
Minimum intelligibillity: Min 95%
Intake of liquid ( CM-6M) 230 ml/min
Function reliability -30c up to +70c



Facepiece Bromine-butyl rubber, non-irritating

Inner mask,

other rubber components

Natural rubber, non-irritating
Visor Polycarbonate
Plastic components Polyoxmethylen, polyamid
Speedch diaphragm PET
Head harness Rubber-Texttile