The GCS-100 is the smallest of our two available platforms and outperforms any similar product on the market. It’s a versatile, compact, remote-controlled platform suited for Technical Survey, Anti-Personnel minefields, C-IED, Runway and Route Clearance in ultra-rugged, hard-to-access urban environments.
  • Easily transported on 4x4 pickup or by helicopter
  • Meets the requirements of diverse organizations: internal security, special forces, police, military
  • High-endurance platform with rubber tracks and an assortment of multi-purpose attachments
  • Designed to effectively clear anti-personnel mines
  • Multi-purpose “long reach” robotic arm with various front tools for IED and ERW clearance
  • Robotic arm capabilities include gripping/lifting heavy objects (max. 400 kg), digging, cutting, disrupting/de-arming
  • Standard three-point hitch with a range of interchangeable custom-made or commercial
    off-the-shelf (COTS) attachments
  • Camera system allows safe and precise operation in high-threat zones
  • Suitable for operations in narrow and urban areas as well as on steep terrain