Raysun HID-100 Dive Light


1. Made of high strength aluminum alloy to ensure the extreme durability.
2. Meet IP68, suitable for underwater operation up to 100M in depth.
3. B type provides two power modes of 30/50W as interchange.
4. Give LED warning light 10 minutes before the power is exhausted.
5. A variety of filters available to meet different purpose.
6. Design for underwater operation and marine photography.

Optional Filters:

1. IR Filter:
To detect under low light condition.

2. Finger Print & Dust Detection Filter:
To enhance fingerprint traces and footprints.

3. Protein Filter:
To detect human protein, urea, semen, DNA …etc.

4. UV Filter:
To indentify fingerprints, blood deposits,
minerals and counterfeit bank notes.